Hello and welcome to Maxis and Macaroons!!!

My name is Autumn and I am a lover of all things fashion and food related. Here at Maxis and Macaroons, I combine two of things I love most in life (aside from family and God, of course) and combine them together to give you a fun blogging experience.

For the past ten years, my life has been occupied by family, school, God, school, school and more school. It is still pretty much the same way now but I decided that I wanted to add in two more things that have been taking backseat to everything else. For nearly six years, I designed my own fashion and dreamed of becoming a fashion designer but I stopped that dream because I thought I could never make it. Then I turned to the world of baking and I ¬†was about to give up that dream too. I really wanted to open up a bakery with my family and just do that every day, but I didn’t follow through because I never thought it was going to work.

I am currently a Biochemistry major in college and I am hating it. It took me nearly two years to realize that I am not passionate about science: not nearly as much as I am in fashion and food. So with this blog I am going to bring back my love and I want to share it with you guys. On this blog I will be mainly blogging about new collections from the hottest designers, what I would and would not wear, the recipes I am trying out, and recipes that I would love to try. There will not be many personal photographs of my own style because I have a horrible collection of clothes (plus size and in college: not a good combo). But I may just break out of my shell and give ya’ll some eventually.

I am pretty excited to start this journey with you guys and it should be fun. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.

Sincerely, Autumn